Designing with Linked Data

UXLx | 2015 See all

Designing with Linked Data

Mike Atherton

This is not your usual UX talk. It’s a little about information architecture, a bit about content strategy, but mostly it’s about how we can use information floating around the web to build content-rich products, and how we should try harder to weave our work into the fabric of the network.

Linked Open Data lets us expose, share, and connect knowledge. A single, extensible network of information stretching across an increasingly semantic web, making our products more findable, and our content more reusable. It’s happening now. Used by the BBC to build their Music pages, the New York Times to build topic pages, and by Google and Facebook to build their knowledge graphs.

Where once we linked up pages, now we need to link up the underlying information and tell connected stories with the whole web.