How Designers Can Build a New World

UXLx | 2014 See all

How Designers Can Build a New World

Startups; coworking; traction; lean everything. Traditional forms of work are breaking down and reforming into new models, and entrepreneurs carry the torch of change. At the same time, the UX field has matured and become more stable and specialized, often pushing UX into an execution function. The costs of starting a new product have never been lower. So why aren’t more designers embracing the world of entrepreneurship?

Turns out designers have a way of looking at the world that is an excellent match with entrepreneurship. But we also have some ingrained behaviors that hold us back and keep us tethered to the status quo.

Drawing from her experiences moving from designer to co-founder to teacher/startup advisor/entrepreneur, Kate will share observations and lessons learned for how designers can effectively embrace the entrepreneurship challenge and amplify the power of good in the world.